Movies for tweens and teens that exemplify good writing and more

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I tried writing a screen play once. I tried writing a play too. Neither turned out very good. But I learned, if nothing else, what not to do. Fortunately, some writers have got this writing thing down. Recently, I was talking with some friends and told them, I let my children watch movies that are not specifically targeted for children. After all, it’s my role as the parent to set foundations upon which my children can build their lives. And too often, children’s programs and movies fall short. You don’t need crude humor, lame jokes or stupidity to be entertained.

Very early on, I realized I needed to take charge of what my children watch. Why not teach them and let them be entertained at the same time? Why not lay foundations built on qualities that encourage them to both think outside of themselves as well as reveal different aspects of the world? Continue reading

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