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About Pieces of Me (Memoir-in-Progress)

Torie Amarie Dale’s writing is a reminder that domestic violence has a face.  Sometimes it’s a well-practiced mask, but beneath that innocuous façade, it’s like a rat waiting for the darkness to scuttle out and indulge its twisted appetites.  Dale applies a deft touch to her work, one that not only articulates its subject matter efficiently, but also inspires the reader and gives wings to the solace of resilience.

Bob Strother
author of Love Among Greeks, Scattered, Smothered, and Covered, and
Shug’s Place, and winner of the 2012 Hub City Writers/Emry’s Foundation Fiction Prize.

Torie Amarie Dale will take you places you may not want to go, but if you take this ride you won’t soon forget it.  To follow her story is to teeter on the edge of a precipice, one step from disaster, one step from salvation.  Torie meets the most difficult of circumstances with courage and creativity.  Her terse, nuanced prose allows the reader a close, personal look at her struggle, which at its heart informs everyone’s desire for the establishment and defining of “self”.

Gregory Lobas
author of over eighty news articles, features, essays, and humor
pieces in local, regional, and national magazines and newspapers.

About Today, I Dream:

Torie’s poetry has been described as having “a transformative quality that aims to transport readers to that dream state where alpha waves let images in that break the expected rules of perception, … I can see the “handsome stranger in black who rides” in Torie Amarie Dale’s prose poem “Today, I Dream,” which describes a daydream turned sour by reality.”

Anne Graue
New Pages Literary Magazine Review
of Iodine Poetry Journal 15th Anniversary Issue