Oh my Darlings, I’ve got a story for you

I must confess I’ve a fondness for Darlings. It’s true. Children. Men. Pets. Not necessarily in that order.

For me the name is extra special. I’ve a Golden Retriever/Lab mix I picked up at the local animal shelter. When we first picked her up, she didn’t respond to any of the names we called her. But when I said, ‘Well, you are a Darling,’ she lit up as if deciding that would be her name.

“Darling it is,” I told my young adult daughter who was with me at the time and who’d bought me the dog as a mother’s day present.

From the moment Darling entered our house she loved us unconditionally and since that day she’s been a blessing. I knew that I would benefit from having a dog, but Darling has brought loads of smiles to my children as well. They cuddled with her and found a confidant in her open presence and gentle affection.

Together, we laugh at her antics and smile at that crazy dog smile of hers, the one where the tongue lazily hangs from the corner of her mouth. We take joy in how she puts her chin or paw on our leg as if she is either claiming us as hers or saying, ‘I’m here’ or ‘I’ve got you.’ If one of us is not feeling well, Darling will lay with us and give us her very own special doggy hug by smooshing her body up against ours.  And she’ll stay there until she feels she’s no longer needed.

Though she has eaten several pair of shoes, slobbered wet kisses on our sleeping faces and pounced all fifty-five pounds of her weight on our bellies when playing ball, we could not live without her. She has become family.

Consider adopting a pet today and see how it changes your life (Foster a pet for a while if you are unsure).

There are many health benefits for humans who own pets.  Visit these sites to learn more:



Finally, please think about entering the upcoming Greenville Humane Society Mutt Strut Walk/Run. I will be there, with Darling, who will probably want to hop up on everyone present and give them a great big kiss on the face (I apologize in advance for that my friends).  Despite her size—I’m told it’s the lab in her and may take several years for her to outgrow it—she will try get close and love you.

I look forward to seeing you there.  If you see us, say hi. But be prepared for wet kisses.


PS – Just picked up a personal trainer named Darling too. Her real name. Kind of cool. Must be a sign. Maybe the universe is in my favor and I will finally lose those few stubborn pounds around my hips.  Get some lovely defined abs like I used to have way back when I used to be a model.  Perhaps develop an hour-glass figure.  Hey a girl can dream, can’t she?


UPDATE: It’s only a week before the Mutt Strutt and I’ve injured my foot. Seems I won’t be participating in the walk after all.  Hopefully, I will be able to take my “Darling” and watch from the sidelines.  In any event, please consider donating to the shelter. And if you see me or Darling please say hi and let me know what you think of the web site. I’d love to hear from/talk with you.

UPDATE #2: We didn’t make it.  I guess I should never post that I am going to be somewhere because something could always happen.  My daughter, the sweet little girl in the picture above, injured her back at Gravitopia, the indoor trampoline park, and we missed the event.  I think she’ll be fine but it was best for us to stay home. Sorry I missed you all.

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9 thoughts on “Oh my Darlings, I’ve got a story for you

    • Thank you Pammy. I remember Jack and how the kids loved playing with her and Daisy-she was a special dog. I look forward to meeting Chevy someday soon.

  1. I’m sure Roxy and Darling would have a great time playing. We should try that sometime soon. And, if anyone doubts the love of a pet, we rescued Roxy and can’t imagine life without her. She’s a joy!

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