Love has its many injuries

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That is a line in a piece of short short fiction I wrote recently.  It’s one of the few stories where I experiment with humor.  To summarize, the gentleman interest of a lady at a singles group, who dances with the cheesiest dances moves possible, ends up dancing with someone other than the protagonist.  She, jealous of the woman, decides to kill her.  Sure there’s this dark and satirical edge but I rather like it.  And I know it doesn’t sound funny but it is.  Hopefully, you will read it someday and it’ll make you chuckle or grin.

I don’t often write short shorts or humor pieces–but I am trying to stretch the writing muscle to see what comes next.  And this exercise proved a worthy endeavor.  Regardless of whether or not the piece gets published, I like it.  And that’s important.  Write for yourself first. Edit for others. Remember, you need to ignore everyone else when you write and simply let the muse take you where it may. Afterward you can get much needed feedback and critique to see if it needs any work, grammatical or otherwise. But don’t lose your writing voice in the editing.

As for love having injuries, it’s odd how true that statement rings.  I’ve been in and out of love several times.  Love has its aches, both good and bad. And love has many levels.  There’s puppy love.  You remember that crush we had on the cute boy in school.  Then there is the opposite end of the spectrum—that knock-out, drug down feeling where you can’t breathe unless your love is in your lungs.

Sometimes love isn’t reciprocated.  Other times we fall out of love for whatever reason.  And there are times when, for one reason or another, you cannot be with the person you love.  Love is never clean.  It can be messy.  And sometimes it hurts. Don’t be afraid to write it. Don’t be afraid to live it.  Life, and love, is full of risks.

So write it.  Live it. Love it.

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2 thoughts on “Love has its many injuries

  1. Dear Torie,
    This is such thoughtful and insightful reflection. I’m always delighted when a writer shares the genesis of a piece with readers, and you have done that so well. Looking forward to the actual tale now!
    Yours, CA

    • You’ve read it Carol-Ann.Remember the swirl of her skirts at the end. And thank you for the kind words. Its great writing friends like you who empower me.

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